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MIPI® Alliance Targets Mobile Analog Control Interfaces with New Working Group

November 16, 2011

New Subgroup Focuses Specifically on Envelope Tracking to Reduce Power Consumption

PISCATAWAY, N.J., Nov. 16, 2011 - MIPI Alliance today announced it has chartered the Analog Control Interface (ACI) Working Group and Envelope Tracking (ET) Subgroup to address the growing high data rate demands for mobile devices. The ACI Working Group will develop control interface specifications for analog chip-to-chip connections. The ET Subgroup will specifically address the interface between the transmitter and envelope tracking power supply. Envelope tracking is a means of power optimization for the RF front ends of 3G and 4G mobile devices.

MIPI Alliance will host an open conference call on December 14th at 10:00 a.m. CST for both MIPI and non-MIPI members to answer questions about the new groups. For more information on the call and Working Group, visit http://www.mipi.org/working-groups/analog-control-interface

"Utilizing envelope tracking, which is used in wireless infrastructure and military applications, MIPI Alliance continues to develop solutions beneficial to mobile devices," said Jim McGregor, Chief Technology Strategist for In-Stat. "With strong ecosystem support, MIPI Alliance has become an effective resource in overcoming some of the technical obstacles to increasing performance and managing the power consumption in mobile devices."

"MIPI Alliance is focused on meeting the needs of its member companies – and the mobile industry," said Joel Huloux, Chairman of the Board, MIPI Alliance. "The formation of these groups speaks to the growth and relevance of the organization, as well as the role of interface technology in advancing mobile devices."

Tim Haynes, CEO of Nujira, commented, "Nujira is a firm believer in open industry standards, which can significantly speed adoption of new technologies such as Envelope Tracking into the handset ecosystem. As an active participant in the Investigation Group which led to its formation, we look forward to contributing to this crucial additional forum to help the industry standardize on a single, interoperable interface. Nujira sees this as a further step in the widespread adoption of Envelope Tracking as a standard feature in LTE chipsets for smart phones, tablets, and data terminals."

"As a strong proponent of open standards and the new MIPI Envelope Tracking Subgroup, Quantance is proud to be an active contributor to this group," says Vikas Vinayak, CEO of Quantance, an industry leader in super high speed ET power supplies for mobile devices. "We ardently support the development of MIPI's ET standard as the premier standard to be used openly across the industry to ensure the benefits of ET are available to all in the wireless ecosystem."

"Skyworks is pleased to support MIPI's efforts in addressing the market's need for RF solutions that are compatible among multiple suppliers," said Thomas Richter, Skyworks' director of product marketing for front-end solutions.

The ET Subgroup is currently defining the technical requirements and plans to have a first draft specification available for MIPI members in Q4 2012. For more information on joining MIPI Alliance visit http://www.mipi.org/join-mipi

About MIPI Alliance

MIPI Alliance is a global, collaborative organization comprised of companies that span the mobile ecosystem and are committed to defining and promoting interface specifications for mobile devices. MIPI Specifications establish standards for hardware and software interfaces which drive new technology and enable faster deployment of new features and services. For more information, visit www.mipi.org

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